We are pleased to announce the call for the 10h International Conference on kerpic2023 “GAIN INFORMATION FROM THE TRADITIONAL EARTHEN ARCHITECTURE” and the post-conference workshop on earthen building production. The Conference will be held on 26 October – 28 October 2023 and organized by Kerpic Akademi, Kerpic Network and Dicle University, Faculty of Architecture.


The aim of the conference is to gather the findings and knowledge regarding the theme  “Gain Information from the Traditional Earthen Architecture” and transfer these to the new generation.


The conference will focus on using earth as a building material and the event will include graduate students, academics and professionals exchanging their findings and experiences. The conference will provide for an opportunity to understand the strategies involved, advantages of and advances made in the contemporary construction technology of earth-based material.


Since 1978, Kerpic Network has been conducting research on seismic response and comtemporary production techniques of earthen construction. The durability research is based on gypsum stabilized earth (alker); the seismic response research is based on horizontal energy dissipating surfaces on the load bearing walls and additional research has been conducted on production techniques of earthen materials and walls.


Prof. Dr. Bilge IŞIK